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North Ridge operates a reliable, wireless internet service in the Almira and Wilbur areas, as well as connections to the Douglas County Fiber Network.

We will be offering soon, Fiber Internet in Chelan and Grant Counties, as well as Wireless Internet in the Green Bluff area.  


With tower locations on Jack Woods Butte and on the edge of Wilbur, we have the reach to get to a lot of people.  Couple that with a fiber backbone for the best bandwidth available.


Finally, a decent Internet option for the area!  Check out our pricing/costs and fill out the form to see if we can reach your location.  

Services & Pricing

Wireless Plans

All data plans are symmetrical, i.e. 25Mb/s up and down, no overages or data caps.

25Mb/s - $50/month

50Mb/s - $75/month

75Mb/s - $100/month*

100Mb/s - $125/month*

*not all customers are capable of this, and speeds are up to these advertised rates.  

CPE (Customer Premises Equipment)

Will include equipment for connection to tower (outdoor), based on you location, and choice of indoor Wireless Router.

Equipment runs $110 - $300 depending on location and router selection, plus Lincoln County Sales Tax.


Douglas County Fiber (DCCN)

100Mb/s - $45/month

1Gb/s - $80/month

Bring your own router, or we have them available for $29 or $79.  Note - these are only good to 300Mb/sec throughput.

*There will also be a $150 connection fee or $20 provisioning fee to get connected.


$99 (Includes ethernet surge protector, 50' CAT5 Cable and 1.5 hours)

Note:  Any installations requiring additional equipment or time, may incur extra cost.

Interested if our service will reach you?
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