North Ridge is adding reliable, wireless internet access to the Almira/Wilbur area.


With a tower location on Jack Woods Butte and a high elevation, we'll have the reach to get to a lot of people.  Couple that with a fiber backbone for the best bandwidth available.


Finally, a decent Internet option for the area!  Check out our proposed pricing/costs and fill out the form to see if we can reach your location.  

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Services & Pricing


25MB/s - $50/month

50MB/s - $75/month

CPE (Customer Premises Equipment)

Will include equipment for connection to tower (outdoor), based on you location <3 miles or 3-15 miles out, and choice of indoor Wireless Router.

< 3 Miles Basic - $128 (10/100mb, 2.4Ghz Router)

< 3 Miles Advanced - $178 (10/100/1000 MB, 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz Router)

3-15 Miles Basic - $208 (10/100mb, 2.4Ghz Router)

3-15 Miles Advanced - $258 (10/100/1000 MB, 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz Router)

Note:  Payment Plans and/or rental options available.  


$99 (Includes ethernet surge protector, 50' CAT5 Cable and 1.5 hours)

Note:  Any installations requiring additional equipment or time, may incur extra cost.

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For more information about the event, feel free to contact us.

Phone number: 833-678-4734

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